What do I do? 

Listen. Explore. Plan. Deliver. 

I use the experience and knowledge gained over 15 years of working within Digital Marketing, to support and advise clients on their Digital Marketing strategies in order to support their growth.

I work with small and medium sized businesses, who understand that digital marketing and advertising isn’t just for big brands, but can be used to drive online (e)commerce, footfall, awareness, inbound leads and enquiries, word of mouth, and a myriad of other objectives for companies in a variety of sectors.

Gained from my background as a commercial business director, specialising in digital marketing, my strengths are in seeing digital or marketing strategies in a broader context, as part of an overall business growth strategy. I view results and data holistically, and look at digital marketing strategies as part of an integrated overarching plan, rather than as individual campaigns or tactics in isolation.

I can advise you on your long term digital strategy, I can appraise and audit other agencies work, or suppliers’ proposals, and I can manage your digital channels for you.

I can support you in your digital growth.