Agency selection and management

Choosing the right partner to work with on advertising and marketing projects can be complex. The vast majority of suppliers are reputable and good at what they do, but even with the ‘right’ partner, it’s often difficult to know whether their proposed approach is the best for you; whether they are proposing ‘fair’ fees; or whether they’re set the right KPIs to measure the performance of their work. Having spent 12 years on the agency-side making proposals and delivering on campaigns, I know what’s good and what isn’t good for clients. I can help you make the right decision. Services here include:

·         Brief writing – often clients don’t know what they want, and their campaigns are doomed to fail from the outset. Writing a realistic and achievable brief is often the most important step, and I can help you with this.

·         Agency shortlisting – I can choose a shortlist and manage an RFP process on your behalf

·         Commercial negotiation – often there are a number of different remuneration models available. These can include retainers, one-off project fees, %age of spend fees, or performance related fees and bonuses. Each has their own merit, and based on your circumstances, I’ll be able to advise on which is best for you.

·         Ongoing agency management – if you don’t have the resource in house, I can managing the ongoing agency relationship – ensuring that they are delivering to the KPIs agreed, that reporting cadence is suitable and that their ongoing campaign optimisations and strategic recommendations are up to scratch to ensure the best performance for you.

Digital marketing strategy

If you have an in house team to manage your paid search, social and display campaigns, but are still looking for strategic thinking to ensure that you’re pursuing the right approach, I can write you a Digital Marketing Strategy. I can deliver a one-off project to ensure that you know what you’re doing for the next 12 months or longer. With ‘self serve’ campaign tools providing access to everyone, it’s very easy to launch campaigns, but often ‘going live’ without the required long term thinking can be a mistake. Clarifying objectives, expectations, and the phasing of the approach, whilst understanding how each of your channels complements and supports each other, is something that I can help you with.

Campaign Training

If you want to run your own campaigns yourself, but don’t know where to start, I can provide training to you and your team in the fundamentals of campaign management. From creative, to platforms, to bidding strategies, to technical implementation, to reporting etc, I can help.   

Strategy, planning and management

If you want to acquire new customers and unlock new revenue streams, but don’t have the time or knowledge to do so – I can manage the process from start to finish for you. Creating a strategy, building a campaign plan, managing all of the mandatories such as creative, targeting, bid management and technical implementation.